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“This is How I Eliminated Kidney Stone in 6 Days” (Recipe)

Here is an amazing natural remedy to remove kidney stones within a week. It is recommended to use this recipe with care if you have large stones.

This natural formula can help you breakdown and eliminate kidneys stones and any of its remains including the sand. It will also cleanse your kidneys off the sludge.

This 6-day treatment for kidney stones was shared by a person over social media.

The person explains the recipe and how it helped him get rid of a stone that was larger than a grain of wheat.

He used the following ingredients:

– Lemon juice – 100 ml
– Extra virgin olive oil – 100 ml
– Beer – 100 ml

Take a glass bottle and mix all these ingredients and stir well. Take just 50 ml of the recipe when you wake up in the morning. Make sure to shake well before you drink it.

Take it regularly and within 6 days it will start melting the stone and it will pass through the urine. The sand will start coming out within 4 days.

Those who have used this recipe have reported that it is highly effective.

Make sure to use only squeezed lemon juice. As already mentioned, this recipe is not recommended for use for stones which are larger. As a minimum, it should not be used with stones of 15mm or higher size. Such stones, when melted, could cause damage.