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Salt And Oil: Medicinal Mixture … After Its Application, You Will Not Feel Pain For Several Years

Osteochondritis of the neck is a health issue which is difficult, but possible to cure. We are offering you an amazing recipe which will remove pain and keep you safe for couple of years. It is prepared with unrefined vegetable oil and salt.


– 20 tbsp. of olive or sunflower oil;
– 10 tbsp. of salt.

How to prepare it: mix the ingredients in a glass bottle and let it stay for couple of days when you will get a light mixture.

How to apply it: rub the mixture with a vigorous massage each day for 2-3 minutes on the affected area – cervical vertebrae, or places where you feel pain. Each day expand the massage time for another 2-3, until you get 20 minute massage time. At the end, wipe the neck with a wet and warm towel. This may cause a minor irritation in the skin, but at the end of the massage you may sprinkle a bit of baby powder to soothe the area.

This 10-day treatment will stimulate blood circulation and improve muscle regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue, also blood flow will be reestablished in the cervical spine, any headaches will disappear and your vision will be improved. You will notice a radical change as your body will be released from toxins, which in turn will normalize the metabolism. During this period you might fell a bit sleepy and dizzy, but that won’t appear often. There won’t be any other side effects, and the treatment will provide excellent results.