Diabetic food should be well controlled if you really want to balance your blood sugar, if you have diabetes, the secret in your diet is to stay out of foods high in sugar, however, there are certain drinks and foods that They look healthy, but they’re just the opposite. Here we will specify the 20 foods that you should stay away from.

20 foods that should be kept out of food for diabetics

1. Dried fruits: fiber and nutrients make some fruits dry and look like the healthiest option but you must think twice before consuming it if you have diabetes 2 since the nuts have dehydration, which causes The sugars are concentrated more. Replace with strawberries or grapefruit.

2. White rice, bread and flour: low quality carbohydrates such as rice and white flour, such as breads and pastas; They act in the same way as sugar, that is, they will interfere with the glucose levels in your body just like sugar, it is preferable that you change them for whole grains like oats, barley, and brown rice.

3. Fat-filled dairy products: whole dairy products contain more fat, increase bad cholesterol ( LDL ), the risk of heart disease and insulin resistance, so if you are a diabetic give away dairy products like creams , Fat yogurt, ice cream and cream cheese.

4. Thick cuts of meat: Fatty meats should be avoided at all costs for the same reason as dairy products because they are high in saturated fats that increase cholesterol and generate inflammation throughout the body at the same time as diabetics increase them The risk of heart disease. Change the meats for skinless chicken, turkey, pork loin, lean meat or fish.

5. Breakfast cakes: all baked goods such as cakes, muffins, donuts, cinnamon rolls contain high amounts of sodium and trans fats if you want to consume them, try to find the healthiest options, those that have no fat and no sugar. Without a doubt, the best option is to make them at home.

6. Fried foods: this type of food is not good for people with diabetes 2, because they are soaked with large amounts of oil and in many cases are covered with flour to be breaded, which has more calories, you must be very careful With these foods.

7. Alcohol: Alcohol interferes with blood sugar levels and if you have diabetes you should consult your doctor before taking it.

8. Fruit juice: juices are full of fiber and healthy carbohydrates since fruits are always the best option when treating diabetics is treated, however, when it comes to fruit juices you should be alert because even more Nutritious than soda, juices contain concentrated sugar that makes your sugar levels rise.

9. Sugary foods: As explained above, they contain high amounts of sugar classified in low-quality carbohydrates, with low nutritional value that generate high blood sugar jumps.

10. Cereals: It is generally one of the easiest and quickest options when breakfast is treated but most cereals contain a lot of sugar.

11. Energy bars: they are not so bad but for diabetics themselves, they should be more careful about what they choose to eat, both carbohydrates and sugars are two main sources of energy for the body as long as they choose the ones they contain minimum.

12. Bananas and melons: some fruits are more sugary than others and are just the most sugary ones that you should avoid to not increase your sugar levels, bananas, melons, and peaches contain a lot of sugar.

13. Mixed Coffees: Mixed coffees are very popular but have syrup, sugar and whipped cream items that are heavy in sugar and fat, always choose coffee without sugar and with a little milk to satiate your caffeine impulses.

14. Processed Meat: Processed meats are packed with sodium and diets high in salt is associated with a doubled risk of heart attacks, stroke in diabetics, so reducing intake of them is vital.

15. Smoothies bought: they are marketed as the healthiest beverages on the market, however, they are far from being so because they have a lot of sugar and are served in extra large portions.

16. Chinese food: high in calories, fats, sodium, and carbohydrates, it increases blood sugar levels and keeps it high for a good time.

17. Flavored water: just like smoothies are sold as healthy but not so because containing flavor means more sugar than normal.

18. Frozen / commercial pizza: they are preferred for speed and comfort, especially in America but are not suitable for health, are high in calories and add to your diet large portions of fat.

19. Nachos: Preferred by many people without being aware of the high-calorie content they possess, a regular order of classic chili nachos provides 830 calories, 59 grams of fat and 39 of carbohydrates, so they are well away from being healthy for The diabetics.

20. Hamburger restaurants: they are certainly tempting and delicious but are loaded with saturated fats, responsible for raising cholesterol, is far from ideal as food for diabetics.

We wanted to dedicate a space to food for diabetics because we know how difficult it is for them to have and live a normal life. But once you learn to know and control everything you can do and what not, administering your blood sugar will be a matter Eat and listen to your body well.
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Diabetic food should be well controlled if you really want to balance your blood sugar, if you have diabetes, the secret in your diet is to stay out of foods high in sugar, however, there are certain drinks and foods that They look healthy, but they’re just the opposite....