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Home Remedy To Eliminate Callus and Fungus From The Feet

Although many people do not give the correct care, the feet are one of the most important areas of the body, in addition to forming a vital part of our appearance, especially for women, these are prone to suffer from callus and fungi.

The incidence of foot and foot fungus is mainly due to the use of shoes and synthetic stockings where they are kept very humid and also by exposure to public places such as bathrooms and swimming pools.

You will be amazed how you can remove callus and foot fungus with a super simple and fast remedy that you can prepare in your home.

This remedy that we will teach you is very simple you will only need two ingredients and best of all, you will obtain excellent results at a very low cost, so pay attention and do not hesitate to use it, we guarantee that you will eliminate corns and fungi quickly.

Home remedy treatment
To carry out this treatment you will need the following ingredients:

-Five aspirins.
-The juice of a lemon.

Preparing this remedy is very simple, you only have to follow the following steps:

1. First use a mortar to grind aspirins until they are powdered.
2. After crushed in a container preferably glass and incorporate the juice of a lemon, mix well until you get a kind of pasta and ready you will have prepared your remedy, the texture must be homogeneous, compact and pasty.

How to use:
To use this treatment and to eliminate corns and fungi you must follow the following steps:

1.First of all it is important that your feet are well cleaned, so wash them properly to remove any dirt they may have.

2.Then apply a little of the paste that you prepared on calluses and fungi and let it act on the affected area for 30 minutes, after this time remove it with plenty of water, preferably warm.

3.Then you should rub them with circular movements and with the help of pumice stone, this will help you to eliminate the skin that is dead and will soften the hard area.

4.Rinse again with warm water and dry your feet very well.

After the treatment is done we recommend moisturizing your feet with a moisturizer, remember that the feet tend to suffer from dryness so get used to putting cream on a daily basis.

This treatment should be repeated two or three times a week to get better results and faster, this will allow you to avoid the proliferation of bacteria callus and fungi that in addition to aesthetically affect your feet can cause discomfort such as itching and bad smell, in addition to Help you maintain the pH balance of your skin.

If this mixture gets very hard you can smooth it by placing a few drops of lemon until you get the desired texture.

Lastly remember to use a footwear made with natural materials, use cotton socks and above all take care of your feet ( callus ), cleaning and properly cleaning them frequently.